Wotnot Facial Wipes

Wotnot Facial Wipes

Posted 2013-09-08 by Joyfollow

As the owner of sensitive skin, I have to be very careful with any sort of cleansers due to serious reactions to foreign chemicals. When the usual cleansers proved to be futile, driven by frustration I decided to be adventurous and tried a sample of Wotnot facial wipes in an event. It was love at first sight or more precisely love at first usage. I was highly impressed and proceeded to buy a full-size bag of Wotnot facial wipes.

Valued at $7.95, each Wotnot facial wipes bag comes with 25 wipes. Each wipe is a wet, 100% natural cloth. Gentle on the olfactory, these wipes are free from alcohol and artificial perfumes. Each wipe can be gently rubbed over face, eyelid and neck. With each swipe, the wipe removes daily impurities and grime as well as make-up including waterproof mascara. Not at all rough on the skin, these facial wipes are excellent friends to the skin.

Enriched with natural ingredients including Australian certified organic aloe vera, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, these wipes are claimed to be capable of restoring lost moisture, calming itch and inflammation and repairing skin. The jojoba oil in the wipes is claimed to be easily absorbed by the skin making the skin supple while the Vitamin E aids in healing, nourishing the skin rendering it soft and radiant.

I have found that these wipes do not dehydrate or irritate my skin and cleans the skin beautifully while leaving my skin glowing and soft. These wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable making these wipes environmentally friendly. The Wotnot facial wipes bag can be easily tucked into any bag and can be used anywhere. Wotnot luxurious facial wipes also come in hard travel cases which have a mirror underside to help ensure a perfect clean on the go. These cases are refillable and resealable.

Winner of numerous awards including Best in Beauty Awards 2012 and Bronze medal in 2010 Organic Expo & Green Show Awards, Wotnot facial wipes deserve all the accolades. Further, Wotnot donates over $10,000 annually to Bear Cottage Children’s Charity.

Find out more about this fabulous product by going to the Wotnot website .


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