TrackMySpend App

TrackMySpend App

Posted 2013-09-09 by Joyfollow

Money Smart is a government website, set up and administered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Aimed at educating and illuminating the Australian public with basic finance concepts, Money Smart is an excellent website for both amateurs and finance experts. An initiative of the Money Smart website is the . This App is designed to keep tabs on your expenses by following some easy steps. Budgeting is made heaps easier with this App.

TrackMySpend App allows you to keep tab on your expenses on the go. You can track your spendings by employing any of the following methods:
- Expenses by categories
- Expenses incurred while travelling or an outing
- Expenses incurred in relation to work or project-related work

Enter expenses

Historical record of expenses

The user-friendly App makes it as easy as pie to navigate through it. Set a goal and for spending and track your progress with this App. Adding an expense involves typing in the figure in Australian dollars and the expense name. You can save your entries as Favourites to identify frequent and significant expenditures. You can access a historical record of your daily and monthly expenses. You can even view a summary of your expenses by categories. Manage your personal budget or family budget by some easy swipes on the App. Check out the Settings option to tailor the App to your needs.

Total expenses

Users are bestowed with free data backup to prevent data loss. You can sync your profile in the App and use on multiple devices. You can also export data to a CSV file for Excel.

Expenses by category

This App is free to download and is available in both Android and iPhone. While possessing numerous easy to use and interactive features, this App has a marked propensity towards crashing from time to time. It can only be hoped that ASIC is working at rectifying this glitch. Apart from this downside, TrackMySpend is very good for anyone starting out on budgeting. However, if you are seeking something quite complex with fancy features then TrackMySpend may not be for you.


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