Take 5 Magazine

Take 5 Magazine

Posted 2013-03-12 by Joyfollow

Take 5 is a magazine for competition lovers, food enthusiasts and just everyone else in general. This magazine had carved out a niche by featuring a horde of competitions in one single magazine, as well as squeezing out space for other titbits.

Above all, Take 5 is a magazine promoting sweepstakes of all sorts, kinds and forms. There is the ever-green crossword puzzle, Sudoku, mix and match, word games, number games and so forth. There are also ring and win games, which may involve giving away your phone number to absolute strangers. There are even prize monies for sending in good personal stories and experiences.

Take 5 also features competitions for the little ones. With the age of the target audience in mind, these kids’ competitions are quite simple and include puzzles, alphabet games and number games. Elusive prizes like netball hoop, DVD system, outdoor swimming pool are up for grabs.

Take 5 has a member’s club which holds regular members’ competitions. A personal favourite is the photo booth competition which involves sending in snaps of a member, out and about with their copy of Take 5. The winner can bag $100 in cash. Membership is free for all and can be obtained by filling out a brief form in the magazine.

In this era of technology, for some strange reason Take 5 still insists on sending out the competition entries via post. The entries must be complete with personal details as well the answers to the competitions. It is not mandated that all competitions must be entered by an enthusiast. You are free to pick and choose the sweepstakes that take you fancy and send in your entries via post.

Further, Take 5 incorporates a Take5 Home section which proudly displays a wide assortment of delectable cooking recipes. Most of these recipes are simple and easy to make with readily accessible ingredients.

The last few pages of the magazine are dedicated to publishing handy household tips and tricks including tips on savings money around the house.

Take 5 costs $3 each and can be located at newsagents or the magazine section of supermarkets. Whether you do enter the competitions or not, Take 5 does make an entertaining companion on public transport and on those boring afternoons when you want a break from family, TV and internet. Enjoy exploring.


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