Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash

Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash

Posted 2013-05-27 by Joyfollow

Palmolive is an established brand which proudly takes a prominent place in our household with its various skincare and household products. I have already published an article here extoling their shampoo and conditioners. This time I have decided to test drive their hand wash and the revelation has been highly satisfactory.

Antibacterial front view

Palmolive liquid hand wash comes in various types including antibacterial, lime (antibacterial), milk and honey, cherry blossom and so forth. From all these appealing varieties I selected the antibacterial and the lime (antibacterial). The experience has been highly positive. Both the hand wash have lovely fragrances which do not overwhelm the olfactory with a stifling odour. The hands are cleansed in a loving manner, with the hand wash having a neutralising effect on the strong odours that can linger after preparing food or consuming food. Gentle on the skin, these hand wash conditions and softens the skin. The anti-bacterial attribute of the hand wash works towards effectively removing bacteria and germs. The aftermath of a single wash is a fresh and clean feeling. I am keen to test drive the other varieties as well.

Antibacterial rear view

The 250 ml sizes are perfect to be placed aesthetically on the kitchen sink or the bathroom basin however, bigger sizes are available. Upon exhausting the contents of one bottle, instead of replacing with a whole new bottle you can opt for a refill which works out to be slightly cheaper. The designs of the bottles are elegant and the pump-top feature enables easy accessibility for young and old. One simple push on the pump will bring out a pea size amount of the hand wash which is quite sufficient for a single hand wash. The bright and colourful bottles effortlessly liven up their surrounding area.

Lime Antibacterial front view

Lime Antibacterial rear view

A 250ml bottle of the hand wash is usually priced around $3 but occasional lucrative bargains can be bagged, costing $5 for 2. Palmolive hand wash is conveniently located next to hand wash and mouth wash products in most supermarkets, departmental stores and convenience stores. Palmolive products are made in Thailand.


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