Nespresso Krups Coffee Machine

Nespresso Krups Coffee Machine

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Nespresso coffee machines are part of the Nestle Group; by using capsules they produce great tasting cups of espresso coffee. The Nespresso machine is offered by different manufactures, this particular model is by Krups and includes an aeroccino.

The model number is XN730540

Aeroccino with mixer and whisk

This model was ordered from Lakeland ; it includes a my machine booklet, Grand Crus menu folder and 16 Grand Crus capsules to sample.

Some youll like more than others

Tip make a note of the ones you like for your capsule order

The great thing about this machine is how simple it is to use and clean. The my machine booklet will give you the full instructions on how to get started and it also includes some recipes.

The booklet is separated into different language sections

The booklet gives instruction on the procedure for the first use. This requires the lungo button to be pressed to rinse the machine (this is done 3 times).

The water canister can be detached

The machine is turned on by pressing both buttons. The espresso button is on the left and lungo button on the right

Once you have chosen your coffee capsule the leaver is lifted and the capsule inserted.

Chose coffee


Press leaver down again

You can now chose whether you want an espresso (40ml) or lungo (110ml). You'll be able to see from the Grand Crus menu that some capsules are designed to suit specific recipes e.g cappuccino or latte.

The shelf underneath the coffee outlet can be folded up, allowing a bigger mug to be placed there for a latte

Once the coffee has been made the leaver can be lifted up to discard the capsule. It will then go in the container which can be easily emptied.

If you want to make a cappuccino using the aeroccino, use the whisk attachment and fill the mill up to the bottom max line.

The bottom max line is for the whisk function for drinks such as cappuccinos. The top max line is for the mixer to make drinks such as lattes.

The aeroccino can be used to heat milk for hot drinks or there is also a cold function for iced cappuccino.

The button lights up red for hot milk and blue for cold milk

It only takes 70-80 seconds and then the frothed milk can be added to the coffee.

A perfect cappuccino

The whole process of making coffee with Krups Nespresso is very quick. The coffee itself is of very high quality and there are so many different varieties to explore. However, one thing to note is that the capsules are quite exclusive and only sold by the Nespresso distribution network. This does mean that there is no fluctuation in price and the capsules aren't as cheap as your average instant coffee. However, the taste of the coffee produced by this machine is really worth it.

Have a look at the Nespresso website to explore the machines and coffees on offer.


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