Lindt Lindor Chocolates

Lindt Lindor Chocolates

Posted 2013-04-30 by Joyfollow
Lindt has earned many accolades around the world with their excellent offering of exquisite chocolates. Lindt Lindor chocolates are definitely amazing creations which certainly deserve a lovely review.

With a chequered history that goes as far back as 1845, Lindt is certainly a pioneer in the arena of decadent chocolate delicacies. Lindt Lindor chocolates balls are small chocolate balls with a gooey chocolate filling. Who would have thought that these small balls with their liquid chocolate filling can be so deliriously delightful.

The Lindor balls will appeal to the worst cynic and can satisfy any big or small chocolate craving with its delicious flavour. Once inserted into the mouth, your tongue will break through the smooth, chocolate shell only to discover chocolate nirvana. A piece of heaven in one chocolate ball. Lindt Lindor chocolates can be found almost anywhere including Coles, Woolworths, Kmarts and convenience stores. Prices can start from as low as $5 and steeply go up with the size of the box or packaging. An obvious appealing aspect of the Lindt boxes and packaging is certainly the bright hue as well as the studs and big and bold golden writing on top.

I have found that the best way to store Lindt chocolates is by storing them in the fridge. I prefer them straight from the fridge, with their shape and smoothness preserved in the freezing temperature of the fridge. These chocolates are equally good at room temperature however, there is a possibility that depending on the variation of the room temperature the chocolates can get soft and eventually melt.

Many people love chocolates at room temperature due to their enhanced softness and ability to melt immediately in the mouth spreading the sweetness and goodness of the chocolate in the mouth. But the unexpected coolness of the chocolates, right out of the fridge, definitely elevates the taste of the Lindor balls.

For a chocolate lover like me, who is also trying to maintain a healthy diet, one Lindor ball a day is more than enough to satisfy my craving. So if you are like me and adore Lindt but shy away from it for fear of disrupting your diet then try sampling one Lindor ball to satisfy your sweet cravings for a day.


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