Cobs Natural Popcorn

Cobs Natural Popcorn

Posted 2013-04-06 by Joyfollow

is the best popcorn I have tried so far. Lightly salted, slightly sweet, the popcorn will get your hooked in no time.

A romantic dinner at the Melba restaurant on the Valentine’s night scored me some Valentine’s Day gifts comprising a 120g bag of , amongst other things. It was love at first sight or more precisely, love at first taste of the very first popcorn. Since then, has become a steady member of my pantry. This delicious, all-natural popcorn will leave you drooling for more.

The list of ingredients incorporates popcorn, raw sugar, sunflower oil and sea salt. This product is made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. Originating from the finest Australian grown corn, is great for snacking or simply when you wish to munch on something sweet and salty. These scrumptious popcorn packs can also form integral parts of lunch, afternoon snacks at work, picnics, travel snacks and so on.

Directions for storage dictate storing in a cool dry place. Once opened, you can just seal the bag or pour the contents into a plastic or glass jar to store for a prolonged period of time. The popcorn will remain fresh and crunchy for an extended period of time. It is great to share the popcorn but you may get the urge to consume it all by yourself.

Unfortunately, is not usually found in popular supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths and can be procured from Boost Juice Bars and IGA Supermarkets. Coming with a price tag of $4, the price vary in direct proportion to the weight of the bag. There are a horde of flavours to choose from, including caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cheddar cheese, butter, sea salt, coco crunch and so forth.

You can learn more about this delicious delicacy by contacting (03)8768 8700 or by visiting this website .

Go grab a bag of this lip-smacking popcorns and introduce your tastebuds to premium quality, top-notch popcorn. You will not be disappointed.


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