Cleanwipe Lens Cleaner

Cleanwipe Lens Cleaner

Posted 2013-03-12 by Joyfollow

The is a great tool to wipe clean your glasses or sunnies with a single swipe. Handy, cheap and effective, I swear by these cleaning wipes.

A standard box of contains 20 individually wrapped, non-scratching pre-moistened wipes. Each wipe can be used to gently remove surface dust and grease on glasses. If the dirt happens to be sand or iron powder then it is recommended to first rinse the glasses in the water followed by a treatment with a lens cleaner. Lenses dry instantly revealing shiny and squeaky clean surfaces.

Eyeglasses, sunglasses, ski and other goggles along with mobile phone displays, TV/computer screens (excluding liquid crystal screens) and wrist watch glasses can all be cleaned with these amazing wipes. These wipes can be used anywhere, anytime without any additional hassle. Each wipe weighs very little and can be conveniently tucked into a bag or wallet.

This product comes with the warning that the wipes should not be used on eyes and the wipes are not suitable for contact lenses or liquid crystal screens. Further, these wipes should not be used if you have existing or suffer new rash or skin irritation issues. Each wipe has the dimension of 10cmx15cm and is made from ingredients such as ingredients Isoproyl alcohol, water and fragrance.

Cleanwipe can be located in supermarkets and local pharmacies, in the eye products or medicinal section. Usually carrying a price tag of $5, discounted Cleawipe boxes can be procured for $4 or less, from time to time. Sometimes, you can even score a combo of and Cleanwipe Smartphone Cleaner for the enticing price of $4. This excellent 2 for 1 deal can occasionally be found in major pharmacies like Priceline and MyChemist.

On a different note, the wipes tend to dry out after 6 months or more, regardless of intact packaging. Hence, it is suggested that you should endeavour to use up the wipes within a few months of purchase.

products are made in Japan. You may like to opt for an Australian brand to support Australian made products.


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