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Zoku Quick Pop Maker

by Natasha Stewart (follow)
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If you've ever decided to make homemade ice blocks, you'll know that excitement starts to drop once the waiting sets in. Ice blocks (or ice pops) aren't the quickest thing in the world to make, and if you get an urge on a hot day to whip some up, you'll be waiting a few hours to reap the rewards.

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker takes away that waiting time, and claims that it can make ice blocks in as little as 7 minutes.

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It's not really that instant. You do need to stick it into the freezer for 24 hours first. It's a compact unit, so you can always keep one in your freezer, so that it's already ready when you decide to make pops.

We decided to use a quick recipe to try out the Zoku, nutella ice creams with one cup of milk and 1/3 cup of nutella. After blitzing them up with the stand mixer you just fill up the zoku measuring cups.

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They're measured in pops. A full jug will get you three pops (this is how many the full size quick pop maker makers).

You put the sticks in first, without the drip cups, and then fill up to the marked line.

zoku, quick pop maker, ice blocks, zoku review, fast ice pops

The really interesting thing about the zoku machine is that it doesn't need to go back in the freezer. They sit out the countertop, and can be used three times before they need another 24 hours in the fridge.

We left ours for longer than the 7-9 minute mark, just to be safe.

zoku, quick pop maker, ice blocks, zoku review, fast ice pops

To pull out the pops you need to use the 'super tool'. It screws on to the top of the sticks and will help lift them out. It took a bit of wiggling, but then popped out.

We tried taking the first couple while the 'super tool' was still attached. It got a little bit messy, there was nothing to grip onto to unscrewing the tool was a bit hard. Once you've loosened them and popped them out you can actually unscrew the tool while the pop is still sitting in the unit.

zoku, quick pop maker, ice blocks, zoku review, fast ice pops

They pops are fine to eat straight away, but if you do want to keep them for later you can pop them in the storage case. You have to buy these separately, and they're not cheap, you could probably just wrap them in freezer bags or cling wrap if you want to save money and space.

zoku, quick pop maker, ice blocks, zoku review, fast ice pops

You can get a Zoku recipe book, which have recipes specific to the zoku pops and all of their tools. There are other Zoku recipes on the blog, but really any ice-block recipe book will work.

You can make the quick pops out of just about any liquid, but obviously things like sugar and alcohol will affect how they freeze. The recipe book is a great guide to get you started, but after that it all comes down to your own experimentation.

The Original Quick Pop machine makes three pops at a time, but you can get smaller units that make either two or one. You can buy them from homewares stores, or online from their website.

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