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Premium Chase, Black Cow and Beluga Vodka

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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Vodka is the ultimate liquor to get the party started. Whether you're in a club, pub, or drinking with your friends at home, I've listed my top three vodka bottles, who are slowly replacing the much-loved cocktail.

Black Cow
If milk’s your thing, Black Cow’s your spirit. Made from the milk of grass-fed cows in West Dorset, the milk is separated into curds and whey, the whey is fermented and distilled and then eventually, you get to sip it from a martini glass.

At £28.85 a bottle I didn't want to share this with friends, but after a shot of this ever so sligghtly crreamy vodka, I was happy to share

When in Russia, or indeed, when in Manchester, drink Beluga vodka, one of Russia’s most popular tipples. Lightly flavoured with honey and extracts of oat and milk thistle, the texture is lovely and silky. Like an, erm, stocking.

I always consider Beluga vodka a drink for the rich, I'm not surprised at £35.35. Funnily enough one of my Russian friend isn't keen on this drink because she claims it's too 'neat' for her liking, and she prefers a more bitter 'rough around the edges' kind. I however, love this drink, and it's definitely 'good' vodka because the tiniest amount makes me rather giddy.

Chase Distillery is a family-owned estate in Hereford and their marmalade vodka is the business. Marinated with Seville orange marmalade in a copper pot still, it’s tasty over ice, with tonic or in a cocktail. Or at least that's what my Auntie's think.

If you're a fan of Terry's chocolate orange or enjoy orange-flavoured Grey Goose vodka, Chase will be right up your street. Even if you're not into orange-flavoured alcohol the bright bottle will cheer up your drinks cabinet for £35.80.

Each of these bottles keep well in the fridge for up to two weeks once opened, but the sooner you drink them while fresh, the better. Vodka isn't like wine, so it won't improve with age. Vodka is a drink to be enjoyed now, but opening the above bottles after a month in your drinks cupboard will be fine - just make sure you chill them before serving for a refreshingly cool tipple to enjoy alone or with mixers.

Find all bottles in Selfridges

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