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Old El Paso Tortillas

by Vanessa M (follow)
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For me, Old El Paso has always been synonymous with taco shells, but I've recently tried their tortillas too. I might be one of the last people to do so, since the company claims to be the highest selling tortilla brand around. But I've only recently discovered the wonder of tortillas in the first place anyway.

old el paso tortilla

old el paso wholegrain tortilla
A packet of Old El Paso Wholegrain Tortillas

I've tried two of the tortilla variations produced by Old El Paso: the normal kind and the wholegrain variety (the brand also makes Lite Tortillas too). As the packets suggest, they are all great for wraps and burritos. However, my preferred way of eating them is to spray them in olive oil, spread some garlic over them and crisp them up in the oven for garlic bread. I used to do pita bread this way, but the flavour of the tortillas compliments the garlic so much better.

tortilla garlic bread
My garlic bread

In the image above, you can see that one section of my garlic bread tortilla has broken off, which is a result of me not heeding the warning on the packet that you need to heat them up before trying to separate them. The tortillas stick together otherwise, and this packet of mine was a real issue.

Tortillas aren't the easiest bread to store and Old El Paso's products aren't any different. Once you open the packet, you can't just reseal it with a bag tie and put it away; you need to find some other way to store them. I usually just get a plastic bag out and put it all into the fridge sealed with a bag tie to keep them fresh.

old el paso wholegrain tortilla
Inconvenient packaging

My discovery of these tortillas came when I was looking for foods that are low on the Glycemic Index, which means they contain carbohydrates that break down slowly. Unlike many other breads, all tortillas seem to be Low GI, whether they're white, wholegrain or corn.

I choose the wholegrain when I can because they seem like the healthiest option. As it says on the front of the packaging, they have twice the fibre of Old El Paso's regular flour tortillas. However, they do have more fat in them. It's not a huge amount, but bread is something I don't usually factor a fat content into.

Still, I think the tortillas have been a great addition to my diet and I'm glad I discovered them.

old el paso wholegrain tortilla
Old El Paso tortillas

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