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Natural Baby Products Review

by Jade Nichols (follow)
'Beautiful Baby Bottom Balm' By Perfect Potion.'

With a baby with sensitive skin and has been prone to nappy rash from a very young age, I had searched and spent lots of money on every cream from the chemist and even creams doctors had prescribed in desperation to get rid of the rash in a hurry. I then finally came across this wonderful creation!

It contains ONLY all natural ingredients such as:

Zinc Oxide
Shea Butter
Vitamin E
Lavender Oil
Mandarin Oil
Chamomile Oil

This is the only thing that worked for my baby. A bit on the expensive side costing $34.95 AUS. Although, It's lasted me a very long time using it almost every day. Overall an amazing product that I would recommend to anyone who's baby has sensitive skin/nappy rash.

Johnson's Baby Soothing Natural's Nourishing Lotion

This is a beautiful, unique smelling baby lotion. I love the smell so much I sometimes use it on my own skin! I have found it to be very soothing for baby's skin, and does not irritate her sensitive skin.

It does contain glycerin, parabens and fragrance, so I only use it on her occasionally.

It also does contain some good natual ingredients such as:

Olive leaf extract

It is priced at around $7.00 AUS.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion

This very sweet smelling lotion reminds me of candy floss or snow cones. It smells very sweet but delicious. I have found it to be quite moisturising for my baby's skin but not as much as other moisturisers.

It has ingredients such as:

Orange peel wax
Coconut Oil

It does contain other ingredients such as glycerin.

Vicks Baby Balsam

I feel like this product does help to a certain extent when baby has a cough/cold. It really is a soothing smell of eucalyptus and lavender and does help to clear the nasal passages a bit. I was also surprised to see that the ingredients are 90% good stuff containing mostly essential oils.

WildChild baby Organics Cradle Cap oil

I was personally dissapointed with this product. It was overpriced at around $9.00 AUS. I didn't think it worked well for the cradle cap and the smell lingered on her head for days. The bottle is pretty and it smells nice out of the bottle, but after a couple of days the smell turned bad and I couldn't seem to get it to go away for a while.

Although, the ingredients are all good and there are no nasties in there.

Baby Sleepytime Bath

I am overall quite happy with this product.

It has some lovely ingredients such as:

Ylang Ylang
Shea Butter
Pawpaw Ferment

One thing I was a bit concerned about was when some water splashed in baby's eyes, her eyes went a bit red and she seemed irritated by it. This could be the essential oils so It is best to avoid getting the water in baby's eyes.

Wotnot Sunscreen

I am so far very happy with this product. It has absolutely nothing unhealthy or dangerous in it. It is recyclable and organic. I love putting sunscreen on my baby and not having to worry about there being harmful chemicals in it. It smells like normal sunscreen and feels a bit thicker on the skin. It also needs to be applied half an hour before going out into the sun.

Bellamy's Formula

For the first 6 months of my babies life she was breastfed. I then went on to S26 Formula, and I found she regularly had constipation issues. Since I have changed to this organic formula, she hasn't experienced constipation at all. It's only a few dollars more expensive.

I realised that buying organic is extra important for babies, because they're little bodies are so much more susceptable to the damage from pesticides, chemicals etc.

Wotnot Baby Wipes

I love this brand. I love that these wipes are 100% biodegradable and are genuinely unscented. Again, they are on the pricy side. I find this is actually a positive thing because I learn to be more careful with how many I'm using.

Naty Babycare Nappies

The benefits of these nappies is that they are fragrance free, chlorine free, and are natural and renewable material. The only problem is they definitely are nowhere near as absorbent as huggies nappies, but I personally would rather that and have no plastics or or chlorine in my baby's nappies.

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