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by Vanessa M (follow)
Kogworks is a unique game developed by the Dr Wood Challenge Centre. It hasn't been around very long, having only come out in 2007, but it has still been getting attention. It won the Australian Games Association's Game of the Year in 2008, an award I think it deserved.


The game is designed for two players, each represented on a triangular board by a coloured set of cogs (either red or blue). The game begins with each player putting one of their cogs in an empty corner of the triangle (the single golden cog should be placed on a peg at the top). Each turn, a player will then either add a cog to the board or move one that is already there.

Starting the game

The aim of the game is to create a route from your own base cog all the way up to the golden cog at the top, so that when you turn your base cog, the golden one turns as well. If everything moves, you've won the game.

However, you have to be careful, because your opponent will try to block you from reaching the golden cog, and also prevent your home cog from spinning. If you cannot turn your base wheel by the end of your turn, you've lost.

Playing the game

When you're getting started, it does take some time to learn what is and isn't allowed, but the game comes with a colourful instruction booklet that provides visual examples of both illegal and legal moves (and when you're still learning it can give you some ideas for useful moves too).

Some of the rules include not making a triangle of three of your own cogs, and not blocking each other's home cogs by using two of your own.

Kogworks instructions
The instruction booklet

Kogworks cogs
Each player gets 15 cogs each

Kogworks is a strategy game that requires you to think ahead. However, while I find similar games like chess frustrating, I did enjoy this one. It's a lot simpler, and caters for kids too (the box recommends ages 6 and up). The time it takes to play also largely depends on how seriously you want to take it.

Because it's an original game, there aren't cheaper versions out there, so it will probably cost around $39.95 to get your hands on Kogworks. But the game will last: it's pretty sturdy, and everything fits neatly into the triangular box. There's even a base in there, ensuring everything fits tightly and doesn't rattle round.

Your family could be having fun with this game for years.
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