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Kenwood Triblade HB724

by Natasha Stewart (follow)
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I'll admit it. I love my Kenwood Triblade. I never call it a triblade, instead it's my 'stick mixer' and I use it for making milkshakes, cupcakes, ice blocks, and juices. A trawl through my Recipe Yum cookbook and you'll see it appear in my recipes for watermelon juice, caramel cupcakes, and various Zoku Quick Pops. The HB724 model comes with the regular Triblade, but it also comes with a whole host of other attachments that have a variety of uses.

kenwood triblade, food processor, stick mixer, processor, hand mixer

The actual Triblade is the centre of this small appliance package, and you can actually buy these separately without all of the added attachments and add-ons. I'm a little bit jealous that I don't have a passion pink Triblade in my kitchen. There are three blades (no kidding) and a strong motor.

kenwood triblade, food processor, stick mixer, processor, hand mixer

I generally use this for milkshakes. It comes with a tall jug that you can fill with your ingredients, and then just quickly blend them all into one. It's a bit like a blender, but it's a lot easier to clean. I always find that my blenders start getting gross marks in places I can't clean because I can't take the whole blender apart, but this isn't the case.

The main downside is that if you accidentally lift it out of your shake while it's going, things can get a little bit messy.

kenwood triblade, food processor, stick mixer, processor, hand mixer

I don't use the whisk attachment very often, I have a Kenwood stand mixer and if I'm whipping cream or eggs I find it's so much quicker just using that. When you're whisking you have to keep pressing the button, which can be a little annoying when aerating can take a long time. I think it would have a real benefit if you currently relied on whisking things by hand.

kenwood triblade, food processor, stick mixer, processor, hand mixer

There's also the bigfoot, which is pretty much a larger version of the triblade and designed for soups, and the masher which is used for mashed potatoes and purees. I don't use the masher very much, but my mum prefers using it to a regular potato masher. I use the bigfood whenever I'm making cake pops, I use it to process my cake crumbs without having to transfer them to another bowl or container.

The mini chopper comes with it's own container, and is basically a miniature food processor. It won't be able to do everything a larger processor can do, but it is handy. It's useful for quickly chopping up vegetables and nutes, but I've found it a little bit difficult when making dips or sauces. If you need to add ingredients while chopping it's not possible, so instead I find the triblade is best.

kenwood triblade, food processor, stick mixer, processor, hand mixer

Both the jug for the triblade and the container for the mini chopper come with non-slip bases, these can be removed and used as lids so that you don't spend half your time trying to search for a container with a matching lid.

The Triblade HB724 is the most expensive and comprehensive triblade you can buy in the Kenwood range, but each attachment gets used frequently in our house. There have been a couple of times I haven't quite got the results I intended, but it's a rare occurrence, and the whole pack is still one of my most used kitchen tools.

Have you used a triblade or another kind of stick mixer? What do you use them for?

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