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Happiness Workshops @ kikki.K

by Justine Crowley (follow)
Independent Business Consultant, Doctor, HubGarden Editor and Author/Publisher of four self help books: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JustineCrowley
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happiness workshop at kikki.k,kikki.k, the happiness project kikki.k, happiness
Ready for the happiness workshop at kikki.K to commence.

We all want to be happy. Yet why is it when (deep down) our lives are perfect as they are that we want more happiness in our life? Why is that? Sure we strive to improve, evolve and better ourselves. Curiousity can kill the cat, and as The Happiness Project began at Swedish stationery retailer kikki.K; I thought it was all harmless to enrol in a happiness workshop. Worse case scenario you walk away with a complimentary happiness journal equal to the cost of the one-hour workshop. Nice one.

Regardless as to whether you see yourself as a personal development seminar junkie, or perhaps you have never been to a personal development in your life; you will benefit from attending a happiness workshop at you local kikki.K store if you want to know (deep down) what it is that makes you happy. You will be surprised at the results.

happiness workshop at kikki.k,kikki.k, the happiness project kikki.k, happiness
The range of happiness products at kikki.K

Perched in a small group of about seven people at Sydney's Chifley Plaza store (these workshops are held around Australia, not just in Sydney) our workshop facilitator introduces herself ever so brightly and chirpy on a Friday afternoon.

Hang onto your seats, a lot of tips come right at your senses. It can be quite a lot to take in. Something would be quite wrong if you complained of not receiving sufficient value for your $40 investment at the end of the hour. You walk away with a copy of kikki.K's happiness journal (retails for $39.95) and a stylish pen.

happiness workshop at kikki.k,kikki.k, the happiness project kikki.k, happiness
The workshop space at the back.

Emma has a bubbly personality, and even the simple things in life can bring happiness. There are three exercises ahead of us. The workshop opens with a quote from Aristotle: "happiness depends upon ourselves."

Emma takes us through three exercises, and each is cleverly marked with a ribbon in your happiness journal. The first exercise helps us to identify what makes us happy. For a few people, their morning cup of coffee enables them to have some time out for themselves. Someone else said exercise, while another person in the group likes to receive a massage once a week. There is power in writing these things down in a journal. This was a great mood lifter in itself. You do not need to make a truckload of money or go on overseas vacations in order to be happy. For me, I just need to buy (or ideally adopt) a cat at the moment.

happiness workshop at kikki.k,kikki.k, the happiness project kikki.k, happiness
Continuing on with the reverse bucket list on the train home.

Furthermore, Emma begins to help us all to identify one great thing that happened to us this week, and what was so great about it. Have you ever heard of a bucket list? What about a reverse bucket list? That's right, write down all of the positive things you have achieved in your life from graduating from University to travelling the world. These things were on my reverse bucket list as well as coming third in a swimming race in my first year of high school, when only six months prior I could not swim at all. Sometimes we forget to appreciate our past successes in order to move on to an even brighter future. Life, deadlines and busyness and sometimes frustration just gets in the way. This exercise was so fun that I continued to pursue it on the train trip home.

Taking inspiration from Gretchen Rubins book The Happiness Project, the happiness journal is designed for you to concentrate on one area of your happiness each month. Happiness topics in your journal are: gratitude; take control; attitude audit; dreams; surroundings; health; relationships; career; community; you time; something new and goals.

happiness workshop at kikki.k,kikki.k, the happiness project kikki.k, happiness
An abundance of happiness journals.

Emma also helped us note down our weekly good habits and associated rewards that come with such habits. There was also a chance for us to rate each area of our life out of ten now, and to repeat the process in the next six months. Phew, what a powerful hour. Although a lot of content, this workshop is highly recommended. The journal is already worth its weight in gold, and is something that I will carry with me. Ever so grateful for kikki.K for putting this happiness program together.


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