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Daler Rowney Acrylics Pack

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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I'm not a very good artist; although I like drawing, I'm not great, and only ever colour with pencils. The last time I used paint was when as a child doing an Art Attack project. But after taking a pottery class a few weeks ago, I decided that I would like to paint them, and I was told that I should use acrylics. I therefore paid a trip to Fielders to see what was available.

As I am not a frequent painter, I did not want to spend a lot of money on something that I was probably only going to use once, so I spent a long time browsing and comparing prices to find out what the best deal was.

I knew paint could be expensive but I was shocked at how much the brushes were. For the size I needed, a single brush was between £3-£5. There was no way I was going to spend that much.

That is why I went for a Daler Rowney starter pack. For £9.45 I go a pad, four brushes, and a set of mini acrylic paints. Considering that buying a large tube for just one colour of paint and a single brush separately would have cost almost as much, I think this is a pretty damn good deal.

It did state in the shop that these acrylics were the lowest quality in their range, but as this was just a one time thing and I have no intention of taking up painting as a profession, it was perfect for my needs. The only downside, I would say is the colours were limited to primary colours - red, blue, yellow, white, black, brown - meaning my pots might look a bit bright and garish.

This worry was quickly allayed, as the colours looked really nice on my pots. These paints were fast drying, which was really handy because I could hold the pot to paint different areas without getting my hands dirty, or smudging the paint. The fast drying did cause a bit of a problem when the door rang and I had to answer it. Once I got back, the paint on one section had dried before I got a chance to spread it, leaving it a little lumpy. As long as you don't get interrupted though, this shouldn't be a problem.

One thing I did notice was that the quality of the paint varied among the colours. While the brown, yellow and white needed very few coatings, the blue seemed to be weaker and I needed more paint to cover the colour of the clay. This was also evident when I was washing my brushes. The other colours took a while to clean out, but the blue not very long at all.

When it came to the brushes, I had various different sizes, three of which were very thing brushes, and the fourth was thicker and more appropriate for my needs. I would have been nice if one of the smaller brushes had been swapped with another larger one, but that is my only issue with them. The packet very helpfully gives a five star rating on which paints they work with best. This pack was a good all-rounder with 5 stars for acrylics and 4 for oils & watercolour.

While the bigger brush was good for the main coating, the thinly tipped brush allowed me to dot in any uneven spots that were missed out. They are super absorbent, so even when the paint looked like it was running out, a dab of water on the brush set it flowing again. The absorbency did mean a long time was needed to clean the brushes, and even then I could not get all the colour out. This did mean that my yellow and whit got slightly discoloured by the darker colours when I switched. Not to self, use the lighter colours first.

If you are not a serious painter, but would like to take it up as a bit of enjoyment, then Daler Rowney'sstarter pack is a good place to begin. If you decide you then want to go further with paint, the company also supply higher grade paints.

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