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BlackBerry PlayBook 16Gb Tablet

by DamienR (follow)
Photographer and writer.
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We use technology every day, and tablet computers are quickly becoming a way of life, but not everyone can afford high-end models like the Ipad or the Microsoft Surface. The BlackBerry Playbook was originally released as a top of the line business tablet but poor sales and very poor selection of apps relegated the Playbook to the technology bargain bin.

BlackBerry PlayBook Start-Up

The Playbook has come a long way since its release. The tablet has seen multiple operating system updates and the BlackBerry App World has grown to a respectable size. The functionality of the Playbook has also been boosted by the ability to side-load many Android apps, making it a truly versatile device.


One of my favourite aspects of the Playbook is its rugged design. Unlike the Ipad, I donít have to worry when I drop the Playbook. I can toss my BlackBerry tablet on the sofa or bed without concern. If I toss it onto a hard surface, like a table, the black rubber grip grabs immediately, stopping the tablet from bouncing and incurring damage. Also, the tablet only comes in a single, comfortable 7.6 inch by 5.1 inch model which weighs in at just under a pound. Besides all of its regular uses, the Playbook has become my e-reader of choice simply because it fits so comfortably in my hand.

BlackBerry PlayBook Start-Up

Tech Stuff

The Playbook comes with a respectable one gig of ram and runs a 1GHz processor. It has a five megapixel rear camera, a three megapixel front camera and it can also shoots 1080p HD video.

BlackBerry PlayBook Start-Up

The settings are intuitive and functional, the touch response is great but the tablet sometimes feels like it chugs along when processing, particularly on the ridiculously long boot sequence, or when opening new apps.

BlackBerry PlayBook Start-Up

Function for Business and for Fun

Blackberries have always toted themselves as the tool for business but tablets have more often been used for pleasure. The Playbook thrived to find a working balance between business and leisure and after a few stumbling blocks, it is finally reaching its goal. It is pre-shipped with a great browser, e-mail, a calendar app and much more. The App World is loaded with great apps and games, both pay and free. Lastly, it only takes a little tech no-how to expand your app selection by side-loading Android apps.

BlackBerry PlayBook Display

The Playbook Future

BlackBerry just released itís first full-touch screen phone this year called the Z10. Rumors have been circulating that the Playbook will see another OS upgrade that will allow Z10 apps and Playbook apps to be compatible. This will be a game changer for the Playbook App World. With a quarter million units sold and many upgrades to come, the BlackBerry Playbook is a great investment and awesome bang for your buck.

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